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That long and winding road

The Ontario government has announced it will build an all-season road to the province’s far north. This is mostly to help in the expansion of resource development projects in the proposed Ring of Fire mining area. A secondary benefit is […]

The shores of Vinland

According to official history books, Hudson Bay was “discovered” in the 1600s by someone looking for the easy way to the Orient for spices and tea, only to find instead treachery and the cold bitter waves of defeat as they […]

Alone at the goose blind

I was alone, or so I thought, at the goose blind one spring. The sound of footsteps behind me made me think that my hunting buddy had returned from the cabin for another round of hunting and waiting for the […]


The chainsaws ripped through the dry pines and the axes chopped in beat. We were cutting firewood and getting sweaty. At a $100 a cord the sweat was worth it. I had the job of splitting the wood as an […]