Election Results

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It’s a runoff

The Grand Council election July 12 didn’t produce an outright victor, meaning there will be a runoff for both Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief. Abel Bosum and Rodney Mark will face off for Grand Chief while Mandy Gull and John Matoush will be on the final ballot for Deputy.

The runoff election is July 24. Please take the time to vote.

Grand Council elections, first-round results

 Abel-2 (1 of 1) Rodney Mark and Matthew Coon Come

GRAND CHIEF                    Ballots  Percentage

Abel Bosum                        2229       40%

Rodney Mark                     1171       21%

Richard Shecapio              809         15%

Darlene Cheechoo          703         13%

Ashley Iserhoff                 643         12%

Mandy Gull10534703_10152542860417489_6521130193297306478_n


Mandy Gull                         2415       44%

John Matoush                   2102       38%

Reggie D. Neeposh         1000       18%

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