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Uploaded, downloaded and updated

When I was a teen back in Attawapiskat, other people were my biggest source of information. I relied on others in order to know about how to repair a snowmobile, a four-wheeler or to deal with a simple truck problem. […]

Finding our way home

Recently I attended a series of celebrations of Aboriginal culture and traditions. They included a special event at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto featuring Brunswick House First Nation, a gathering of Beaverhouse First Nation and Bear Island First Nation […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s to those of Irish descent, or, as my friend Mike likes to say, “wishes they were.” Aboriginal people across Canada have mixed with the Irish from the time they made it over the Atlantic Ocean. What was […]

We all need healing

These are difficult times for First Nation people as we are trying to move ahead, heal and recover from the colonization of our people and the tragedy of the residential schools system. Although we are doing our best at our […]

February blues

The February blues affects everyone differently. I am starting to feel the effects of cabin fever from my comfortable desk chair inside my small home office. I’ve been in front of my computer for days typing during my working hours […]

There is a lot of work to do

It’s hard to believe that Justin Trudeau became the first sitting Prime Minister to visit a remote community in Nishnawbe Aski territory when he traveled to Pikangikum First Nation January 19. It is not as though Canada was created yesterday, […]

A rough start to 2018

I struggled with Influenza A for more than two weeks over the holiday season. This flu strain is circulating across Canada, making people seriously sick in southern Ontario and now in the north. I’ve had serious flus in the past […]

In play we are finding our way

School is out for the holidays and my friends and I are eager to head out into the winter weather. None of us are thinking about Christmas or New Year’s but just happy to have time off school. We busy […]

Making good career decisions

The world is changing rapidly for all of us. First Nations across the country are dealing with development on their traditional lands that can be overwhelming. New technologies and the arrival of worldwide communications, like the internet, have changed all […]

The wave of the future

I am a fan of technology. From the time I received my first computer, there was no looking back. It is funny to think now that my little android smartphone can do so much more than that old 386 PC […]