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Singing and drumming hope

I feel a greater sense of hope and optimism these days for the future when I talk to many of our young First Nation people. There are still many hurdles and difficulties they have to overcome, but in many ways, […]

Tea & Bannock: Everlasting bond

I used to spend all my summers in the bush, on the shores of Assinica Lake. My family owned Broadback Fishing Camp back then, so when the school year was over we would make our way to Chibougamau, take a […]

Family ties and a new arrival

Summer is great for meeting up with family. I have had several opportunities to see my siblings and their children over the past month. It is so much easier to visit with people when the roads are bare, the weather […]

Fire season a burning issue

It’s that time of year again. After a long, cold winter we are enjoying a hot summer here in the north. Although we welcome this sunny, dry and balmy weather here in the north, in cities this heat is deadly. […]

A Miner’s Prayer

If you live in Ontario you will be treated to a lot of great music this summer. One performer in particular is shining these days – Matt James (Naveau) of Mattagami First Nation. Matt grew up as part of a […]

Facing the storm

We’re coming out of a long, hard winter here in northern Ontario. Elders tell me that this winter is similar to what they experienced growing up decades ago. The snow came early to the north and right across most of […]

The world is waiting for them

I am thrilled to see posts on Facebook showing that members of my family from the James Bay coast are reaching out and traveling the world. Right now my niece Brianna Wesley is with her friend Clarice Friday in Japan. […]

Souls left in darkness

I don’t understand what is happening in the world these days. For example, I thought things were getting better between First Nation people and non-Natives in this country. There has been so much bad history involving violence, residential schools, and […]

Uploaded, downloaded and updated

When I was a teen back in Attawapiskat, other people were my biggest source of information. I relied on others in order to know about how to repair a snowmobile, a four-wheeler or to deal with a simple truck problem. […]

Finding our way home

Recently I attended a series of celebrations of Aboriginal culture and traditions. They included a special event at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto featuring Brunswick House First Nation, a gathering of Beaverhouse First Nation and Bear Island First Nation […]