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Bearing witness

I received a note from my sister Janie Wesley this past week that included an historic document. Her message asked me to look at the image of a typewritten telegram or letter that was sent October 17, 1945. It detailed […]

That long and winding road

The Ontario government has announced it will build an all-season road to the province’s far north. This is mostly to help in the expansion of resource development projects in the proposed Ring of Fire mining area. A secondary benefit is […]

In another time and place

As I get older, I start to understand what my parents felt with the passage of time. As a teenager, I often noticed my mom Susan and dad Marius become more contemplative as they aged. They would pause and stare […]

Ghost Towns

I recall a trip by snowmobile a few years ago with my dad Marius Kataquapit and my brothers. We were on an excursion to visit a couple of legendary ghost towns up the coast about 160 kilometres north of Attawapiskat. […]

Facebook – a modern dilemma

I am not a fan of Facebook but after waiting by the sidelines for years I have finally broken down and joined the foray. I did so out of sheer necessity as being on Facebook makes it easier for me […]

A great cup of coffee

I love a great cup of coffee. Not just a good cup of coffee, but a great one. If you have ever travelled to Italy, France or Spain then you have been spoiled and you realize what a great cup […]

The ride home

I rode back from a great meal at the old Pierini homestead cottage on my motorcycle the other night. I was hoping to beat the rain on my way back to Kirkland Lake. It wasn’t a long ride but the […]

A legacy of love, laughter, art, music and dance

I have a good life and so much to be thankful for. Everything I am and any success or goodness I have in my life is tied directly to my parents, family and friends. Many Elders, Native and non-Native, have […]

Talking to geese

In Kirkland Lake this past month, I had the opportunity to appreciate Niska (Canada goose) again. A couple of parent geese had decided to have their chicks on the edges of Kinross Pond, in the middle of town. I recently […]

What’s on your playlist?

I feel old these days. I can really feel a sense of my life experience when I compare music with younger people. I have an eclectic taste in music and enjoy the great variety there is in the world. I […]