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Into the vortex

I cannot recall many winters as cold as this one. This winter started with a lot of snowstorms in December and then in January we got more snow and the temperatures here in northern Ontario dropped to -30º and felt […]

A climate of fear and hate

One of the most talked-about stories on social media and news sites recently has been the disturbing video of an Indigenous Elder and a group of predominantly Caucasian teenagers in Washington, DC. Video footage shows Elder Nathan Phillips chanting and […]

Dangerous winter roads

Northern Ontario is a fantastic place to be born and raised in. Much of this vast land is composed of wilderness with sparkling lakes and rivers. We still have a lot of wildlife living here and many of us hunt […]

Christmas was a long time coming

Christmas has once again come and gone. Everyone was running around buying gifts, decorating their house, attending church services to commemorate Christian holy days and generally enjoying a lot of excitement and anticipation. We seldom wonder where these traditions came […]

A sense of entitlement

Last summer, Robert Lepage’s theatre production, Kanata, sparked controversy. The play, a collaboration between Ex-Machina and the French theatre company Théâtre du Soleil, addresses the relationships between Canadians and Indigenous peoples. It focuses on residential schools, missing and murdered Indigenous […]

The water bottle threat

For some time now huge companies have been bottling groundwater and selling it for huge profits. Companies like Nestlé pay very little for this public resource. Many people believe water is becoming the new gold and that future wars will […]

Tea & Bannock: Brian Drain

A recent article in The Atlantic magazine, “The Blackfeet Brain Drain” made an impression on me. Written by Sterling Holywhitemountain, the first lines read: “Some Native kids who leave to pursue education find themselves stuck between a longing to help […]

Congratulations on 25 years of the Nation

I got involved in journalism over 20 years ago because I was lucky enough to meet a seasoned journalist who convinced me that I should put my writing talents to use by producing a column and articles for Native publications. […]

Tea & Bannock: Being honest about depression

I was watching Tout le monde en parle recently. Hubert Lenoir, a 24-year-old singer and songwriter, was being interviewed on the hugely popular Radio-Canada program about the success of his recent album Darlène. Lenoir is an eccentric artist who does […]

Democracy is in a fragile state

Standing up for those who are less fortunate is important. I sometimes wonder what our younger generation is doing to become aware of the politics of this country and how right-wing, well-financed movements are gaining power in provinces in Canada. […]