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Improper medication storage leads to a mom’s worst nightmare

It was a typical evening for Waskaganish’s Bessie Gillies, before it turned into one of the most traumatic events a parent can go through. Coming home late from her mother’s with her three children aged nine, eight and two, Gillies […]

Broadback Conservation plan

A new initiative launched by the Grand Council of the Cree’s (GCC) and the Cree Regional Authority (CRA) on April 10 seeks to protect the Broadback River and preserve the wildlife in the region for future generations. “Forty years ago […]

Cree Grand Elder Raymond Robinson attracts media attention

Since going on a no food and no water hunger strike on Wednesday April 3, Cree Grand Elder Raymond Robinson has garnered media attention in his fight to bring about serious Nation-to-Nation. He is hoping that his actions bring about […]

Grand Elder Robinson ends hunger strike

Over forty people showed up to give their support for Grand Elder Raymond Robinson’s hunger strike at the Place des Festivals in Downtown Montreal on April 8. Event organizers were happy at the turnout, which helped bring the struggle for […]

Message to Ottawa

First Nations in Ontario are standing up to government pressure over the imposition of the First Nations Education Act. On April 12, over fifty members of Ontario First Nations rallied on the shores of Lake Huron and Thunder Bay against […]

Walkers arrival

Walkers arrival

Winter 2013 and Nishiyuu arrival Video & Nishiyuu Walkers Arrival in Ottawa – March 2013 Video    

Concordia Debate

Concordia Debate

TRC movie screening

TRC movie screening

Participate in a national study

We invite you to participate in a national study on Indigenous workplace inclusion. Your participation will help to advance Indigenous employment in Canada. Take the workplace inclusion survey. This brief survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. All participants who […]

Nishiyuu arrive in Ottawa

By the final day of the Journey of the Nishiyuu, the number of young people walking to Ottawa had grown from the “original seven” who left Whapmagoostui in mid-January to nearly 300. At first, the crowd waiting for their arrival […]