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When I was young, whenever an election was held for chief of the community, candidates would stand facing the crowd. Then the people would line up in front of the person they thought should be the chief. Someone would count […]

Forgiveness and celebration

by Curtis Bosum, Chief of Ouje-Bougoumou I recently had the privilege of joining with our Elders who remember the time in our history when we lived across from Mistissini at a location that has come to be known as “Ouje […]

The cost of indifference

After she had been reported missing on July 27, Mina Iquasiak Aculiak was found alive in Montreal August 2. That’s the good news. The series of events that lead to the disappearance of the Inuit woman remind us why there’s […]

Cree Social Media

Perusing the comments and statements on Facebook and other social media sites is always interesting, informative and often disturbing. Disturbing in the way that some posts are vague and while without any real substance can create stereotypes. These stereotypes then […]

Reid between the lines

The Angus Reid Institute released a controversial survey in early June demonstrating contradictory and sharply divided Canadian attitudes toward Indigenous people. For example, 53% of Canadians don’t believe Indigenous people should have a status different from other Canadians. But 60% of […]

Keeping the fire burning

It’s kind of like playing political whack-a-mole. When one tries to stamp out an annoying problem it always reappears when one doesn’t address why it appeared in the first place. When Regina police dismantled a teepee, doused a sacred fire […]

Pride of the Nation

I remember a famous quote of Campbell’s Soup CEO Doug Conant from my school days. “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” That is something I have tried to bring to every endeavour I have […]

A Simple Message

Grand Chief Abel Bosum’s presentation May 29 to the Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples is an appropriate message for our National Aboriginal Day issue. Invited to speak on MP Romeo Saganash’s private member’s bill to adopt the United Nations […]

Helping hands

Recently a young 16-year-old from Uganda, Kahoza Joas, sent me a Facebook friend request. Intrigued, I accepted. The story he told during our online conversations brought back memories of my youth in Mistissini and Moose Factory. He talked of poverty […]

Lessons I have learned

As Snoopy in the Peanuts comic strip would write, “It was a dark and stormy night.” It was dark and stormy last February on the evening I was hit by a car. I realized the car wasn’t going to miss […]