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Social studies

A Facebook post featuring a social studies workbook has gone viral and has people from across the country talking. Initially posted by Destiny Samaroo, it’s now been shared over 3800 times and features a photo with a block of text […]

The rising of the yeast

Nemaska’s 40th anniversary in its current location got me to thinking about the time before the community was officially recognized. In those long-past days, Indian Affairs decided to make their jobs a little easier by simply adding the Cree from […]

Strength, pride and indignation

I was born to a strong, proud, indignant Indigenous woman. She came from a long line of strong, proud, indignant Indigenous women. They spent their whole lives fighting to ensure we, as Indigenous people, inherited a kinder, gentler world. They […]


It isn’t unusual for me to write about intolerance but it is normally about mainstream people and their issues with Canada’s First Nations. Every now and then I get reminded that it isn’t a one-way street. In this case it […]

Into the fog

Whapmagoostui is the northernmost Cree community and isn’t accessible by road. The only ways to get to Great Whale are by boat and plane (or by skidoo, snowshoeing and dogsled in winter). Air travel is the only regular way to […]

Electoral reform

This year’s elections for Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief was handled differently than in the past. There have certainly been many changes over the past decades in the way we choose our leaders. It’s only been since the 1970s […]

Joshua Grant

May 15, 2015 – July 4, 2017 It is with real regret we say goodbye to Joshua Grant. I remember when Joshua strolled into the Nation office looking like he had just finished modeling for a portrait of Jesus. Long […]

Be heard

This is our last opportunity to encourage you to participate in the Cree Nation Government elections in Eeyou Istchee before the first round of voting on July 12 (advance polls are on July 5). Not all people need that encouragement […]

Change and continuity

Every year the Nation enters stories we have published over the previous year in the Quebec Community Newspapers Association awards competition. Usually, it is the individual writers, photographers and designers who are honoured, but the awards we receive are all […]

Constitutional closure

The Cree Governance and Constitution package finally received approval from the Waskaganish Band Council on May 24, almost two months after every other Cree community had assented to the groundbreaking agreement. It was almost too late to receive federal government […]