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Relationships explained

She asks, “Honey, how do you think we should do this?” Don’t answer, you don’t need to. You could have the perfect answer but she’s already decided what you are both going to do, how you are going to do […]


On one of my rare nights to myself recently – during bingo, of course – I happened to tune into one of the Sharknado movies. After about 10 minutes or so, I realized that this was a trite, yet great […]

Hockey fanatics explained

Hockey fans have been dormant through the summer months, patiently waiting for the first sign of action on the ice. Every die-hard fan eagerly speculates which new or familiar player will be on their team. The rookies, the free-agent signings, […]

Summer report card

It’s been an active summer. All kinds of events have occupied our weekends and long holidays throughout our communities and this is all good. I got in a few feasts and weddings, voted in an election and briefly showed my […]

Building the Cree way

It’s always bothered me when I’ve seen our people in the construction industry make progress in building their own communities only for outside governing bodies to find ways to discourage Cree workers and contractors by imposing new rules on who […]

Road trip for dummies

Among the biggest awareness-raising changes in our lives has been access to the rest of the world by highway. It’s quite amazing for those who were cut off from the rest of the world by isolation for most of their […]

The art of celebration

The young boy aims for the sitting goose on the pond, a loner, we called it. Using a .410 shotgun, he squeezed off a single shot, killing the goose. We all smile and cheer silently, as other geese are showing […]


At times, certain thoughts flash through my mind that have nothing to do with the never-ending state of the universe. They include comments such as, “Hey! Isn’t that the same t-shirt you’ve worn since time immemorial?” or, “Did you really […]

My throne speech

It’s that time of the decade again: the election for head honcho of the Crees of Northern Quebec. As I write this, there is little to speak of when it comes to unearthing scandals or uncovering dirt on the candidates. […]

Of Woodstock and other festivals

We were young people with a mission – to inform the people of Fort George Island that beyond the waters of the great river there was a magical land comprised of world-renowned musicians. It started with the influx of Bobby […]