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One man’s treasure

The end of winter finally arrived with the spoils of the year slowly exposed from the melting snow. Yes, I’m talking about garbage taking over my once-pristine yard. At least, it had been pristine with all the snow to cover […]

The NHL Playoffs (Part 2)

The culmination of two teams’ deep runs made this a playoff worth remembering. With their bandwagon pretty full, the Winnipeg Jets took us all the way to the Western Conference Finals. But alas, they had to bow out to the […]

Longest day, shortest night

The waters are rushing off into swirls of pools glisten in the noonday sun. It’s like a desert in intensity, yet there’s water everywhere, trapped in its frozen form and rendered into the life of the earth – water. It’s […]

Summer bodies

Well, now that winter is nearly done with, most of us can resume our strict diet and exercise routine that we all started one week into the New Year. This, of course, is day two of the diet. Summer is […]


A good friend of mine used to say that being second best is like being the first. Looking at the tail end of the winner is somehow satisfying knowing that you were at least in the top three. The winner […]

The NHL Playoffs Part 1

Woke up this morning realizing that once again, most Canadian teams are missing in this year’s NHL playoffs. Then I remembered that Les Habitants were among the missing teams. I smiled, but I will have no further comment. Once again, […]

Racing the storm

My phone alarm wakes me slowly and my morning starts. It’s up and about with a cup of coffee, packing bags and getting ready to head home. We’re in North Bay and the weather has been great. My phone rattles […]


Often, people like to think that the year-end for people of the north is December 31. But it’s really March 31! Yes, it’s that time of the year when all budgets must be expended, all holidays must be taken and […]

What`s in a name?

A long time ago, when I was a cute, cherubic child, I had a long name to remember. There was my first name, middle name, second last name and finally my last name to remember and to tell everyone who […]

The Ref and I

One time, after getting tossed from a hockey game, I expressed my displeasure and disagreement with the referee’s decision by throwing three full garbage bags on the ice – one each for the referee and his two linesmen. Another time, […]