Category: Rez Notes

Disaster free

As the New Year approaches, we now see that 2018 was a fairly calamity-free year. No real doomsday indicators popped up. Perhaps a green comet buzzing by, but that’s about it. Except of course these events: North and South Korea […]

First and Last

“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.” – President Barack Obama, September 23, 2014 Quite a mouthful to swallow! Considering the world we see changing […]

Oh Christmas Mulch

This Christmas I’ve decided to go a little greener and a little more Scroogier. Not that I don’t like Christmas, but I don’t get off on all the materialistic stuff with the waste that ends up slowly killing our planet. […]

You ill what you eat

I once observed my nephew conduct an observation study on a burger from a very popular fast food chain (starts with an M, ends with an s). In his study, he purchased the popular beef burger and kept it in […]

Alive and well

Eons ago, at the end of the last century, a small troupe of youthful artists got together and came up with the idea of going for it, yes, carrying out their dreams. One fine lad dreamt of becoming a big-time […]

State of the nation

Travelling on the James Bay Highway this past month brings back several memories. From the small wolves to the supersized ones, from dodging herds of caribou with our vehicle while going to tournaments and even stopping to gaze at the […]

A happy future

It was the end of the 1980s when he arrived in Chisasibi. The wizened and wise Jewish man standing before us didn’t look like an ordinary teacher. Perhaps a science teacher in a white trench coat might have suited his […]

Back to the books

My daughter rushes around to get ready for her second year of college. Getting around the campus and planning to buy furniture is also on the schedule for the day. I point out that she didn’t bring her books with […]

Our Children’s Dreams

My father is a great man with a history of stories that should be in a book. He used to tell us of how he had to walk miles to his school in four feet of snow, how he used […]

The fish and the man

The fast, swirling stream glittered in the sun. The sky, free of everything but blue. The wind was light to the touch. Bugs voraciously attacked every bare inch of skin, but they were ignored because a nice brook trout was […]