Category: Rez Notes

What`s in a name?

A long time ago, when I was a cute, cherubic child, I had a long name to remember. There was my first name, middle name, second last name and finally my last name to remember and to tell everyone who […]

The Ref and I

One time, after getting tossed from a hockey game, I expressed my displeasure and disagreement with the referee’s decision by throwing three full garbage bags on the ice – one each for the referee and his two linesmen. Another time, […]

A real winter

It was a spectacular winter day, our snowmobiles chugging along faithfully just north of Paint Hills, around Comb Island. The ptarmigan were scarce and scared, but we managed to bag a number of them before we decided to make fire […]

The holiday hold-up

There’s something I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a while now. I wonder if I’m the only one who thinks there is a conspiracy to empty our bank accounts in a never-ending cycle. Do all these corporate giants […]

A reason for school

Our hands were getting a little numb as we used a simple handheld hole punch on cards that looked like those you’d punch in and out at a factory. These cards contained simple commands for a massive computer the size […]

The heart of the volunteer

When we used to organize our tournaments, we’d look for volunteers to help out. Their question would be, “Well, how much do I get paid?” I’ll leave that there. It was funny sometimes when the search for volunteers was returned […]

Souped-up sledding

I love winter. It’s a great time to be outside and enjoy life, frozen and white. It’s a time that many might think it’s better to be inside, but what’s better than riding the open tundra or in a tight […]

Missing the old social ways

You look at the world today and what do you see compared to when you were a kid growing up? I look at what my children have and see them missing out on the world outside. Sadly, today everything is […]

Vaccination blues

Last year, the thin needle neared my bared arm as the nurse cooed and whispered to me as if I were a child, “This won’t hurt a bit.” Sure enough, no pain was felt and in fact, I didn’t even […]

Chasing the dream

My son makes an observation. He asks, “Dad, why are you watching Montreal so much?” My answer to him was, “You know my boy, as a Bruins fan, I love watching the Habs lose and lately they’ve been losing a […]