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On the road

I recall as a teenager being eager to head south from my home in Attawapiskat to visit cities that were hosting summer events. It was so thrilling for me to go on a road trip with family or friends and […]


I remember hope and what it means. I had such great hopes when the report by the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples came out in 1996. I had such hope when the Kelowna Accord was produced in 2005. I still […]



I think I heard “angels of the James Bay Highway” shout for joy when my namesake Josh at Cree Radio Network interviewed our Grand Chief regarding the $97,500,000 to redo the infamous JBH over the next five years. I have […]

TRC attendees from the Cree Nation of Chisasibi

Voices from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s closing ceremony

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada held a closing event in Ottawa (Algonquin Territory) between May 31 and June 3, beginning with a five-kilometre healing walk across the bridge from Gatineau, Quebec. On June 2, the Commission released the […]

Logan Walking Out

Logan walks out: Continuing a sacred Cree tradition

Photos by Brendan Forward. Emerging from the teepee with the help of his big brother Kenny MacLeod, 18-month-old Logan MacLeod made his walking out into the world and onto the land May 23, continuing a sacred Cree tradition. Having had […]

The Buffalo Hat Singers

DestiNATIONS cultural centre planned for 2019 in Montreal

There was much excitement during the inaugural general assembly for DestiNATIONS in the cavernous atrium of the Gaston-Miron building of the Maison du Conseil des arts de Montréal. The names of great writers engraved on the upper echelons of the […]

Jamie and Cindy Moses representing Team Diabetes in Ottawa

Jamie Moses joins Team Diabetes in Ottawa Marathon

Eastmain’s Jamie Moses is joining the struggle against diabetes in the Cree Nation, one kilometre at a time. The 33-year-old participated in his second half-marathon with Team Diabetes last month in Ottawa, raising hundreds for medical research in the process. […]

The Nation takes home 10 QCNA awards

Every year around this time I get to say a job well done to all the Nation staff for the great work we’ve done over the past year. Though the writers get all the awards it would not be possible […]

Music makes the world go round

Canada is well known on the international level for producing great artists in writing, music, painting and dance. In a unique way, First Nations artists have played a very important role on the international stage. We have so much to […]

Duping the derby

Winter finally let us go, at least south of the 55th parallel. The ice out on James Bay slowly crushed itself apart, allowing canoes to head out and catch the first days of summer. Fishhooks and nets appeared and the […]